Listen to these great songs by Arijit Singh and have a mini family party

Top 5 party songs of Arijit Singh to enlighten your mood during self-isolation

Tyga knew precisely what he was doing when he has sung the song Bored In The House. Because months after being under quarantine, all we can sing is, “I’m bored in the house, and I’m in the house bored.” Don’t you agree on the same? Life has come to a sudden halt, surely the feeling that surrounds us is, should we sing ‘Happy New Year’ for all this? Because the year doesn’t look happy at all.

We cannot change the present circumstances, but surely we can improve our mood and how we all are feeling. We cannot let the negativity surrounding us ruin our mood. And the best thing we can currently do is singing and dance even if Pappu can’t dance sala! We surely got to try, right? How else would we pass our time and make the surrounding positive?

Now that party is all set, food is ready as well we need some good music we can dance on. Here we have made some incredible playlist of Arijit Singh’s tracks that will make you dance and have some refreshing fun.


Blame The Night

Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi

Raat Bhar

Shanivaar Raati

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