Vote for you who would you chose between Vidya Vox and Shirley Setia as the best YouTuber

Vidya Vox VS Shirley Setia: Who Is The Real Youtube Sensation?

Vidya Vox is an American YouTuber her birth name is Vidya Iyer. She started learning Indian classical music when she was five years old after being inspired by her grandmother. She is known for her mashup singing Hindi and English tracks together, making into something more beautiful. She has over 800 million views of her YouTube channel and is highly popular amongst the youths.

Vidya Vox usually sings Bollywood remixes and has yet to release a single album of herself. But she has a great voice and is a massive inspiration for the number of youths that look up to her as their icon. On YouTube, she has more than approx 6 million followers.

Shirley Setia has gardened 3.53 million followers on her YouTube channel. Being a huge sensation, she has been an inspirational figure to many who dream of achieving a career in music. Her sweet voice is tough to resist. Her songs like Jab Koi Baat, Dil Ko Tumse Pyar Hua, Bhumbro, and more are some of the most popular remixes sung by her.

With her innocent and honey-filled voice, Shirley Setia is a great singer and an actor having a huge potential and success-filled road ahead.

Who, according to you, is the biggest music sensation between Vidya Vox and Shirley Setia? Vote Now.

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