Here’s when Mohit Suri, the director of Aashiqui 2 accused T-Pain of plagiarism, for one of his tracks sounded similar to Aashiqui 2’s title track sung by Arijit Singh. Read below

When Aashiqui 2 director Mohit Suri accused T-Pain of plagiarising Arijit Singh’s Tum Hi Ho 808308

Renowned film director Mohit Suri and music composer Mithoon recently took to Twitter to raise allegations of plagiarism against the acclaimed artist T-Pain. The controversy revolves around similarities observed between the title track of the Indian film “Aashiqui 2” and T-Pain’s latest single, titled “That’s Yo Money,” released in 2018. Suri and Mithoon, in their social media posts, pointed out the apparent resemblances between the two compositions, sparking a debate among music enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

Where it all began?

On December 15, 2018, T-Pain took to social media to share a link to his song. However, keen-eared fans soon began to notice striking similarities between the melody of T-Pain’s latest release and the title track of the widely popular Indian film “Aashiqui 2.” With over 200 million streams on YouTube, the Aashiqui 2 track has garnered significant attention. Listeners promptly pointed out the apparent resemblance between the two compositions, generating considerable discussion and debate within the online music community.

What Mohit Suri wrote

Mohit Suri taking it to his Twitter handle wrote, “Dunno why but this seems familiar. It’s a melody from Mithun’s song buddy.” He added, “Sir, the melody that you have used in your new song is my original work for a previously released Hindi film..The Label is looking into this.” As quoted by Hindustan Times.

Here’s what Mithoon wrote

Later to this, T-Pain’s song was taken down from YouTube.

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