Mukesh Ambani is one of the most popular and respected industrialists and businessmen in the world. He has taken Reliance Industries to new heights and many years back, the vision that Dhirubhai Ambani had and started, Mukesh played an instrumental role in taking it forward to help Reliance become the brand it is. Today, Reliance is a part of almost every industry and the revenu that he generates from the same, it helps in employment of innumerable people all over the country.

So, what’s the latest important update that we have all for all followers of Mukesh Ambani? Well, if the latest reports in Indian Express is to be believed, Mukesh Ambani has now entered the race to buy Liverpool team. Reports reveal that FSG are willing to sell for £4bn, and there is a greater desire to buy the Merseyside club outright. Ambani, with a net worth of around £90billion and rated by Forbes as the eighth richest person in the world, has already enquired about the club.

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