Ranveer Singh is one of the most admired and popular actors in the Hindi entertainment industry. The man has been a force to reckon with in the entertainment space in all these years and well, we always love him for all the right reasons. His fans and admirers always shower him with the right kind of love and affection and well, no wonder, come what may, it is always an incredible experience for the fans to see him. Be it in his movies or in real-life appearances in front of the media and paparazzi, Ranveer Singh has truly been a force to reckon with and well, we are truly in awe of him and how. Whenever Ranveer Singh comes up with a new movie or new social media post/tweet, the excitement of the fans is at an all-time high. While more often than not, his posts are about his fashion and lifestyle, this time, we see him post something related to cricket.

Check out Ranveer Singh’s special message for Surya Kumar Yadav:

In today’s IPL 2023 game between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans, it was Mumbai Indians who eventually had the last laugh as they won the game. A big reason behind the same was Surya Kumar Yadav’s brilliant century. He scored 103 off just 49 balls and well, it has been an incredible experience for the audience. Even Ranveer Singh is in awe of him and couldn’t resist tweeting for him on social media. Want to check it out? Here you go –

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