It’s repugnant. Almost macabre. It’s akin to that dirty ugly distasteful burp that makes one’s muscles twitch in disgust after having a meal which is unbearingly unsavoury and grotty.

It is, indeed!!!

The ongoing IPL season on Disney Plus Hotstar network is a smearing slap on the face of millions as India stands ravaged under the ravenous claws of COVID 19. It’s the horrendous, harrowing wallowing of the willows as burning pyres mist the skies in pain and despair.

But who cares as long as Virat Kohli hits the winning runs or Shah Rukh Khan cheers for his team as people lie dying on the streets, ripped off shamelessly of the basic rights to live and breathe.

No, we are not saying that the show must not go on. But to call IPL a welcome distraction from the ground reality is mercilessly morbid.

IPL is all about coffers and it’s a gimmick to sell products, induce people to buy and get drenched in crass consumerism at a time when lakhs have lost lives and livelihoods.

Have no shame, do you?

The tournament will continue, almost like in a parallel universe, all hunky dory, while bodies pile up as cases increase day by day.

Keep clapping, joking and looking away like a perfect escapist while shit hits the ceiling…pardon our language, but finesse has died a sad death a long time ago, probably due to lack of oxygen too.

Our basic problem: When health infrastructure is under tremendous pressure, why special treatment is being meted out to IPL players and organisers as part of COVID safety? What should we be more concerned about: a child dying due to a lack of beds or who is on top of the IPL table?

Add to that, the high chances of spreading the disease. Many cricketers have tested positive, many have left in fear or by a prick in consciousness, yet the buffoonery continues.

Why risk lives? Why eat into already stretched medical resources? Why the gratuitous greed?

We sought some answers and we did write to the spokespersons at Disney Plus Hotstar. And we were not surprised with the revert.

“Hi Siddhartha,

Thank you for writing in. We will not be able to take this ahead at the moment.

Please do reach out for any other queries you may have.”

What other queries? How many more deaths before sense prevails?

IPL has sadly earned the sobriquet, the Indian Profit League. Watch it, get credit points, enjoy… while people die.

Is Rahul Dravid not angry yet?