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Check out these amazing facts and things about Ajay Thakur that you would surely love to know!

Everything You Need To Know About Ajay Thakur

Ajay Thakur, the Indian kabaddi player has formerly served the national Kabaddi team as its captain. He is regarded as one of the best raiders in India and got several medals for his team. Ajay Thakur has been one of the inspiring Kabaddi players to many striving Kabaddi players. There are some interesting facts about him that you might not know. Thus, here we are with some amazing facts about Ajay Thakur that you would like to know. Have a look at them!

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1: Ajay Thakur is a part of the Himachal Pradesh Police Service and is currently serving the state as its Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

2: The renowned raider is also known as ‘Flying Thakur’ for his iconic frog jump move.

3: Ajay Thakur is also known as do or die specialist for taking risks at a vital and a tight situation.

4: Thakur’s hobbies include listening to music and traveling.

5: Ajay Thakur belonged to a family with the Kabaddi background. His father, Chhotu Ram is a former Kabaddi player and coach, and his cousin Rakesh Kumar has also been a part of the Indian National Kabaddi team.

6: Ajay Thakur was very skinny during his initial days at the Indian National Kabaddi team and was mocked by his teammates. Thus, later he gained almost 12 kgs in 15 days.

7: If not Kabaddi, he would have definitely gone for boxing and wrestling.

8: As per reports, Ajay Thakur suffered from typhoid and high fever during the 2014 edition of Pro Kabaddi League, which made him lose 10 kgs.

9: At the age of 10, Ajay eloped from his house to play in a kabaddi tournament.

10: Ajay Thakur was unaware of the name of his famous ‘frog jump’ move unless he saw it on the TV.

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