Biopics are a reminder to viewers of a person’s contribution and who better than Rahul Dravid

After MS Dhoni and Kapil Dev, This Cricketer Deserves A Biographic Movie

Informally known as Dependable or Mr Dependable, and often referred to as The Great Wall or The Wall by Indian cricket followers is none other than Rahul Dravid. A former captain of Indian Cricket Team, Head Coach of India Under-19 team from 2016-’19 and Head of National Cricket Academy, he has contributed much to the Indian Cricket without much credit. He is one cricketer who won’t have any haters in the cricket world.

This guy always upheld the spirit of cricket and tried everything for his team. Be it wicket keeping, batting at different positions or different conditions, this man never turned down any request that came his way. Not that he couldn’t but because he garnered the idea of doing it for his team, for his country. His success was often shadowed by the records of his teammates like Tendulkar and Sehwag, but it didn’t deter him from performing for his country. A man of few words, great discipline, perseverance, hard work and humility is Rahul Dravid. He was never seen as a flamboyant or boastful cricketer. He received a lot of criticism from Indian cricket fans. People kept burying him and he kept coming back. Post-retirement, he is seen living a simple life, fulfilling his responsibilities as a husband & father and mentoring the young talent of India to play world-class cricket for the country and not for oneself.

It will be really inspirational and enlightening to watch a biopic on this legend.