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Kapil Dev couldn’t bear the false allegations and broke into tears on national television...

Times when our legend KAPIL DEV CRIED on match-fixing allegations!

Kapil dev Ramlal Nikhanj, arguably India’s best fast bowler, and certainly India’s best all-rounder, will always be remembered for leading the country to the title that changed Indian cricket into the phenomenon it is today: the 1983 World Cup triumph. With the bat, he was an aggressive lower-middle order batsman who could cause carnage with the bat in an era before helmets. On the field, he was known for his inspirational leadership and athletic fielding.

After retirement, Kapil Dev became India’s coach for a brief period. A 0-3 loss against Australia, a 0-2 loss to South Africa and accusations of match-fixing saw him step down from the post in tears as he announced that he was leaving the game forever. A man known for his principles and honesty was dragged into the scandal and allegations were thrown at him about fixing matches and making money. In an interview, when he was asked about these allegations, he answered, “I would die before cheating.” The cricketer was so broken by this incident, he couldn’t stop himself from crying on the national television. A man who brought glory to the country and gave his best service to the nation was shattered by this one incident.

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