Facebook is one of the most used photos, videos, updates, sharing, and messaging apps. People enjoy getting social on the app. The app offers many exciting features like video calling your people, texting them, and commenting on their profile pictures or shared posts. While all these extra engaging features also offer many problematic things. In addition, you can always report such explicit and violating content and profiles breaking the rules. This is why here we share today how to report a profile and post on Facebook.

Steps To Report Profile.

Firstly, go to the profile you want to report for violating certain rules and tap its name in your feed.

Now click in the top right.

Then click on find support or report the profile.

Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions.

This is how the profile will be reported.

Steps To Report Post

The first step, go to the post you want to report for explicit content.

Then click on the top right of the post.

Now click on get help or either report the post.

To give feedback, describe how this post violates the standard community rules. And click next.

As per your feedback, you will be allowed to submit a complaint to Meta.

This reporting will be managed by the App owner and will block the user or send them a warning notice.

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