Social media networks are all engaged in a type of gold rush to guarantee that the supply of fresh material does not run out since content is king on these platforms. It seems like every day, one platform or another offers a brand-new promotion or incentive for writers to join up.

Meta has introduced a number of new ways content producers may monetize their posts on Facebook and Instagram so they won’t be left behind. Here are some specifics.

The New Facebook and Instagram Monetization Tools

Meta has announced five new ways for creators to earn good money from their work on Facebook and Instagram.

Interoperable Subscriptions

Facebook now enables creators to instantly join their fans from other platforms to Facebook Groups that are for paying members. They may now accept money from their followers on other platforms and save time by avoiding the need to individually approve each person who joins their Facebook Groups.

Facebook Stars

All creators can now participate in Facebook Stars. However, they need to fulfill Meta’s partner monetization and content monetization guidelines and have at least 1000 followers over the last 60 days. They also need to live in a nation where Stars are accessible.

The Creators’ Market

By launching a Creator’s Marketplace on Instagram with the goal of connecting creators with appropriate brands, Meta is following in the footsteps of TikTok and Snapchat.

Digital Collectibles

In May 2022, Instagram began enabling the sharing of NFTs on its platform. More creators will now have access to this functionality thanks to Meta, which will soon also be available on Facebook in some regions (starting with a small group of US creators). Users will be able to publish to both Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

Monetizing Reels

Until recently, creators could only join the Reels payout scheme via invitation. Facebook is now enabling creators residing in the US to apply to join. To be eligible, they must have met Meta’s Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies, as well as having produced more than five Reels and accrued a total of 100,000 views in the past 30 days.

The top social media sites have taken note and are working feverishly to figure out how to keep the finest producers on their platforms in order to keep our attention there as well. Clearly, this is a favorable period for creators.

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