Among the most widely used social media networks worldwide is Facebook. You can connect with people from all around the world by creating an account on Facebook. You use Facebook for both personal and professional reasons. A Facebook Page provides information about businesses, organizations, and people, whereas your profile contains your personal information. Now, it’s essential to be aware of the numerous methods available if you already have a Facebook page and wish to erase it.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove Facebook pages that are associated with your account.

You can visit your profile on Facebook after logging in.

Select the page from the left side of the menu.

You can search for the page you wish to delete, then click the three dots next to the page name.

Choose Edit Settings in the dropdown menu.

At the bottom of the page, scroll down and select “Remove Page.”

So that you know – a prompt asking you to confirm the page’s deletion will appear. Select the [Page Name] button for deletion.

Then, Facebook will request that you enter your password.

To erase the page after entering your password, click the Submit button.

If you are the admin, removing a Facebook page also deletes all of the page’s content, likes, and followers. The page and its contents cannot be retrieved again.

Additionally, if your account is linked to numerous pages, you should double-check that you are deleting the right page before beginning the deletion process.

You will also be removed from any groups or events linked to the page you delete if you are a member of those groups or events.

In conclusion, deactivating a Facebook page is a simple process. Still, it’s essential to ensure you are deactivating the correct page and being aware of the consequences, such as deleting all of the page’s material and followers.

Source: India Today