Character artists earn better and get more time to enjoy life: Gulki Joshi

In conversation with Gulki Joshi

Character artists earn better and get more time to enjoy life: Gulki Joshi

Gulki Joshi, last seen in Piya Albela as Naina, is on a well-deserved sabbatical for the moment. “I really enjoyed my bit with the Rajshri setup. They are very courteous and professional.”

Besides the above Colors show, Gulki was also part of &TV mytho, Paramavatar Shri Krishna recently. “My Devki track is more or less over, for not much is written about her in our holy books. All said and done, I enjoyed doing the show, for they had presented Lord Krishna’s biological mother in a never seen before avatar. Yes, it was fictionalised a bit as well.”

Talking about the mytho genre per se, she says, “It is tough to handle, given the language and costumes; but yes, it is a great learning curve. We pick up skills to portray characters that have no contemporary reference to fall back on. Each actor uses his personal imaginary skills to essay the given character. No wonder some end up going over the top while others fall short.”

As a young beautiful woman, what do you feel about today’s mytho outfits becoming very glamorous? “Wearing short, backless, midriff-showing outfits will encourage the actor to work that much harder in the gym to look good.”

However, Gulki is not in favour of showing cleavage. Looking ahead, she would be game for web series, “But not if attendant bold is added just for eyeballs.”

Gulki, who has done a lead with Phir Subha Hogi, is happy with the character artist role, “For you are not only paid better, but even have time for other things in life. Leads only get noticed, period.”

“I really feel sad for the new daily lead crop of heroines, for these young girls (16-18 years) have not seen life. Hence, the instant success gets to their head and they are then not able to digest failure, when they get left alone. Have we not seen many one show wonders?This is the reason why we have so many cases of suicide and depression in our midst.”

“Coming from an industry background, I have seen its brutality up, close and personal, so don’t take both success and failure personally. I just do my work, make some moolah and take off to explore new places. I always make it a point to meditate, to keep my sanity in this crazy world.”

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