Neha Marda will soon welcome her first child. The actress is breaking pregnancy myths every woman goes through

Neha Marda will soon welcome her first child after 10 years of marriage. The actress was one of the highest-rated stars back in time. She has worked in successful shows like Doli Armaanon Ki, Balika Vadhu, Mahadev, Piya Albela, Sssshhh.. Koi Hai, Mamta, Aahat, and many others. The actress has aced her roles in different shows. She is currently away from the industry. But her popularity has not been affected. The actress took to Instagram to share the myths about pregnancy.

Mother-to-be Neha Marda, in the reel video, wore an orange ruffle dress. And emphasized the importance of factors to avoid during pregnancy:

She advised avoiding caffeine; also, no traveling is preferred.
One should also avoid s*x during pregnancy as that will hurt the baby inside.
You must eat food for two people.

She captioned the post, “These myths can make a pregnancy very difficult and even cause complications later.”

Also, she explained the points in detail in her caption.

First Myth: No Caffeine

The actress cleared the myth that during pregnancy, a woman should not consume tea or coffee more than 2 cups a day as this will affect the placenta and lead to miscarriage.

Second Myth: Eat For Two

Though eating is suggested, overeating will lead to maternal weight gain and child obesity. This is because the baby will get all the nutrition from you in the first two trimesters. And in the last trimester, you will have to eat extra 200 calories along with your daily diet.

Third Myth: No Traveling

Traveling for 5 to 6 hours is okay. But you should limit the speed and time to travel. Also, stretch every hour while traveling and drink proper water to stay hydrated.

Fourth Myth: No Exercise

Exercising is good for your health as well as your baby’s health. You should avoid stressful news, jumping, bouncing, sudden jerks, improper activity, or yoga. Also, follow 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.

Fifth Myth: Morning Sickness

Morning sickness doesn’t only occur in the morning. It can happen anytime. You might feel nausea at any time of the day due to changes in hormones. In comparison, these symptoms are different for different women.

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