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In conversation with Sana Amin Sheikh

Dolled up TV chudails are setting new body goals: Sana Amin Sheikh

Sana Amin Sheikh, last seen in the long-running show, Naamkarann, is on a well-deserved break. “I had been working nonstop for nine long years with few breaks; hence, needed this off time to pay attention to several issues at home.”

She hopes to return to full-fledged work early next year. “I am not closed to any particular genre, for TV anyway has limited space; so anything good and meaty is welcome.”

Sana is also game for playing a sexy chudail on TV, “the kind that will make you unsure if you should be attracted or get spooked. Desi horror has undergone a complete makeover. Back in the Ramsay days, the daayans and chudails were deliberately made to look horrible, based on our perceptions of the supernatural.”

“But today, you not only have very sexy-looking girls playing the witch, even your main stream leads are experimenting with the spooky characters. So, maybe even I might agree to play one if something worthwhile comes my way.” She has done a couple of episodic horror shows (Laal Ishq, and Kaun Hai) in the last few months.”

Sana, who has always had a girl-next-door image, does not rule out essaying hot-babe web characters, “For, I have learnt never to say never; for then you end up eating humble pie. Also, human beings evolve with time. Like earlier, I had gone on record to say that I will not don short skirts on the tube. Yet, when the time came, I did wear outfits (off-shoulder) that I had never worn in my life, in the post-makeover Gustakh Dil phase. I also had a similar look for a while in Naamkarann as well.”

In closing, Sana says she would not mind trying her hands at non-fiction as well, something she has not done yet. “I will not say that the only reason for this was that I was busy doing fiction, for even other fiction biggies have successfully juggled both. I wanted to do a couple of them, even went for meetings, but somehow, things did not work out in the end.”

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