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Ridhiema Tiwari talks about her recent short film, ‘Work From Home’

Fortunately, nepotism isn’t so active in the television industry: Ridhiema Tiwari

Actor Ridhiema Tiwari is in a state of bliss and happiness. The recent short film, ‘Work From Home’ which she shot for during the lockdown phase has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award at the prestigious Druk International Film Festival (DIFF). The film which was scripted, shot and packaged during the lockdown was the brainwave of writer-actor-director Gautam Chaurvedi. An elated Ridhiema confessed, “Of course, I am in the seventh heaven. When one of your films wins an award, it’s another feather in your cap. After all, any project is the handy work of the team spirit which goes into its making”.

She continues, “As an actor, I have this crazy craving for doing something out-of-the –box and which challenges the creative instincts within me. I have known Gautam Chaturvedi for almost a decade now. With this project he has donned multiple hats and the result is outstanding. Fortunately, both of us are creative, passionate geeks who have a common goal front – that is to create magic. And yes, this film was lapped up by the audiences. It  is winning hearts at the awards and once it is finalised and received well by an OTT Platform, an all-India release will be announced”.

While most TV actors are drifting to do sensible and meaningful projects for web series and short films, Ridhiema hates the slotting that is rampant within the television industry. “I hate it when we are branded as ‘television actors’. Any actor is an actor, period. We shouldn’t be compartmentalised into being just TV actors. Is a similar hue and cry created when Bollywood actors take part in reality shows? An actor is here to display their talent for the craft irrespective of the medium where it is being shown”.

Point noted for sure and kudos to Ridhiema for raising this since this is a prevalent norm that exists. Another controversial, burning issue which has been in the limelight recently is of Nepotism within the Bollywood industry. Has Ridhiema ever faced this ever?  Raising   her eyebrows and sharing a diplomatic smile, Ridhiema lets the cat out of the bag, “Fortunately, nepotism isn’t so active within the television industry.  I think most television actors have made it on their merit, and have I.  Even when I did a Bollywood film, I managed to get the role since I suited it. I take great pains for my auditions and impress the casting director with the intense passion of getting into the flesh of the character. Most roles I have portrayed have that added edge that tempts me to say ‘Yes’.  As an actor, I would say I could go to levels of schizophrenia to add that madness to it. I would love to play a neurotic character and shock my audiences”.

That’s the intensity and passion which makes Ridhiema Tiwari tick. Hope her dreams are fulfilled and an Anurag Kashyap is reading this story.

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