Rakhi Vijan shares her excitement on Hum Paanch returning to TV

Hum Paanch is back and I am super thrilled about it – Rakhi Vijan

Comic powerhouse Rakhi Vijan, who has impressed us with her dumb blond Sweety act in old Zee TV sitcom, Hum Paanch is currently spending quality time with her folks during the on-going coronavirus lockdown.

IWMBuzz had a quick phone chat (social distancing you see) with Rakhi on what she feels about Hum Paanch making a grand comeback, Naagin 3 not doing as well as its predecessors and yes, current staple question, i.e., lockdown routine.

How are you making do couped up at home?

I am having a whale of a time with my parents. We usually need to go on holiday to be able to spend so many moments together, being busy doing our stuff. We dance, cook, and play games. I host drinking parties at separate outdoor areas (balconies) where the topic of discussion is the latest conspiracy theory doing the rounds. The situation will soon normalize, so I might as well take full advantage of such a joyous never to ever happen family occasion again.

Hum Panch is back?

Yes, I am thrilled. Back then, we did not get time to watch our episodes. But today, fifteen years down the road, we can re-live those crazy moments. I think we could not have found a better comeback time than now, for all are at home to watch the whacky Mathur family in action. This light-hearted show will make everyone forget their worries, bringing a smile to their faces.

What made Hum Paanch such an iconic show?

Our middle-class setting and yes, well etched out characters. No wonder despite actors changing the show never got jaded.

If ever producer Ekta Kapoor revisits the show, what will Sweety be doing in 2020?

She will still be looking for a guy. Since other sisters’ (Meenakshi and Radhika) daughters must have grown up, she will also try to flirt with the groom’s dad and offering two marriages at the cost of one. If you remember, Sweety only had two fundas in life, first was to open the door, and the other was the cross the aisle. She will still believe that one-day, Shah Rukh Khan will pop the question.

How was your Naagin 4 stint before the lockdown?

Superb. Ketki is not only funny but ranks evil as well, ready to put her hubby in the firing line if things go awry.

But the numbers this around is a bit below par compared to the previous super-hit seasons?

No comment. But I am sure, Ekta Kapoor and creative director Mukta Dhond will do what is required.

Can Rashmi Desai’s entry further help the show’s cause?

She will certainly add value given her fan following and acting skills

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