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Rakhi Vijan who is part of Naagin 4 gets into a conversation about her Bigg Boss knowledge and thought process.

Paras’ equation with Mahira and Akanksha Puri is hurting his image: Rakhi Vijan

Rakhi Vijan, currently seen in Naagin – Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel on Colors is a very huge Bigg Boss fan.

“Hats off to the contestants who have survived there for so long and yet keep their sanity. The whole country gets judgemental about your every action, damned if you do, and dammed if you don’t.”

Among all the remaining contestants, Rakhi seems only to have a problem with Paras Chabbra. “There is a vast difference between confidence and overconfidence, and he seems to have the, I know it all attitude. Also, the entire focus on Mahira along with his outside girlfriend (Akanksha Puri) can’t help his image for sure.”

“Having said all that, he is still there.”

With the contest now heading for a climax, Rakhi feels that “Shehnaaz Gill is the best and deserves to win. Then comes Sidharth Shukla, followed by Rashami Desai.”

“What I best like about Sana is that she is what she is, no pretence. She also brings a great deal of cuteness to the table. I love watching her.”

“Also, playing the switching side game is a part of the Bigg Boss ecosystem, I don’t call it flipping. Others get away with much more,” adds she.

She does not think that there is any kind of romantic thing going between her and Shukla. “They are great friends and it is fun to watch them together. Agreed, she gets insecure, but that is because of the tough conditions of the house, you have to survive out there.”

“I do hope something brews between them, though, for they would make a cute couple.”

Shifting gears to Asim she says, “I like this hardworking guy; see how far he has come.”

“This contest is not only about winning. “The real games start once you come outside and start looking for work. At times that gets difficult as you are unable to get out of 24*7 camera media glare syndrome and get down to brass tacks.”

“Yet, I don’t buy the theory that no winner or major contestant has become successful once outside. We have had several examples ie, Rakhi Sawant and Ravi Kisshan. If few did not choose to work, then you can’t blame Bigg Boss for that.”

In closing Rakhi also likes Rashami’s game. “I think all this glare on her personal life will help her career. so I think she should enjoy it.”

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