Sneha Wagh talks about the way in which she perceives the roles she gets...

I trust television and I have faith on my guts – Sneha Wagh

Talented actress Sneha Wagh celebrates her birthday today with her family! While the actress was busy shooting for Sher -E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh, she got to spend no time with her family and is now making amends by chilling out with her close ones.

Says Sneha, “My birthday is going to be a day with my family and friends. I am enjoying the best of time with them.”

Sneha who always loves to portray roles that are powerful and empowering, desires to set an example through her work and roles to women and young girls.

Sneha who has done a variable body of work does not give much importance to the make-up, clothes or her look. “I love the simplicity that is present in every character. More than the look of it, I connect to the pain, feeling and emotions of the character. I come from the genre of actors who feel that words are not enough to express emotions. Emotions speak louder than words and I love to be in that zone.”

Ask Sneha whether she is happy to be in the present era of TV and she states, “This is the place where I get what I want. There is always a wave that comes up in TV post which there is a calm sea. Content seems to drift and then get back to good story telling. So you need to wait for that time of yours. TV has made me what I am today. I trust television and I trust my guts.TV has given me roles that I want for so many years now.”

On the booming digital market, Sneha avers, “Yes, digital platform is blooming. But it will take bit of time for India to accept it completely. If I get work on digital platform, I will do it. Again, I should be involved and interested in the character I get.”

Sneha also feels that it is not necessary to do only bold stuff on the web. “I will weigh the character I get without considering whether it is bold or not.”

Ask her when she will be back with the waiting phase getting over for her fans and she is quick to say, “I have always waited for the roles I have got. If you see my graph, I have done three shows which has involved wait period. Wait gives me the patience and roles that I want.”

Finally, the actress expressed her disappointment over the abrupt closure of Ranjit Singh. “Well, the show faced a lot of issues. It was a sensitive topic and was not in our hands. It was unfortunate that it ended before time. However, it was a very well executed show.”

Looking ahead, she tells her fans thay she will be back soon to entertain them. wishes the talented actress on her birthday!!

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