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It’s very important to find excitement in the simplest of things during the lockdown – Manav Gohil & Shweta Kawaatra

Manav Gohil & Shweta Kawaatra are undoubtedly one of the most loved couples of the Indian Television Entertainment Industry. Their love and chemistry certainly know no boundaries and limitations and what’s best about them is how their love keeps growing and growing after many years of marriage. Currently, Manav and Shweta are spending some quality time together during the lockdown and when we at IWMBuzz asked them as to what is keeping them motivated and alive during this critical phase, they said and we quote,

“The lockdown is no doubt a challenging phase and one really can’t do much about it. But what’s important is to find out something new daily that keeps you excited and going. From our end, we try to make even something as normal as washing the dishes exciting. It’s about finding joy in the smallest of things to keep yourselves going.”

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