Siddharth Arora makes a heart touching video named “Tera Shukriya”

It is very important to show gratitude to almighty for what we have: Siddharth Arora on Tera Shukriya

Expressing immense gratitude to almighty for everything, Siddharth Arora(Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha fame) made a heart touching video named “Tera Shukriya” to appreciate everything that he has. He himself composed the video during the lockdown phase.

Talking about the idea behind the video, he said, “The recent situation of the migrants, the way they are traveling barefoot, it pains my heart to see them in such condition. I see people who are privileged in life like we have our home, food and everything still we crib a lot. If we look at these people, we are more blessed so we need to know it, and thank god but we don’t do it.”

He added, “Gratitude is very important. In India, it is missing. In western countries, they have a thanksgiving day. We have a lot of festivals but we don’t have such a day. Even when we go to the temple, we only ask for things from God we never thank him for what we have. It is very important to show gratitude to almighty. The message at this time about what we have is enough and we love our life as it is, this is what I wanted to convey. When we love our life with what we have, we will be mentally strong and we won’t feel depressed.”

When asked about the challenges while shooting the video, he mentioned, “I think there were challenges as well as opportunities. It was a lockdown and there was no studio so I had to shoot it indoors and editing was also my concern. I never used to write but this lockdown time gave me this opportunity to pen my thoughts. My friend Shivam helped me with the editing process and Yash, who is also an actor, helped me with the shoot. I collated good pictures and gave my voice in the video. I am happy with the outcome of the video.”

On an end note, Siddharth says “Maybe I come up with some more things, however, nothing is in the pipeline yet. I too miss shoot and when everywhere everything is perfect, I would like to go to set and face the camera.”

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