The Chemistry between the couples is what makes the show increase is popularity and Fame among the Audiences. Let us see who between Kabeer-Zara and Malhar- Kalyani has got the best chemistry.

Kabeer-Zara vs Malhar-Kalyani: Who's got the best on-screen chemistry?

Malhar-Kalyani they are the lead Jodi of the show ‘Tujhse Hai Raabta’. The Jodi of Kalyani and Malhar made the show more popular and favorite among the audience. It gained a huge success among the viewers due to the romantic track between the lead pair of the show Kalyani Malhar. The chemistry that is showcased between both of them has grabbed the audience. This reel life couple is known as ‘Kalma’ by their fans.

Their love has been tested time and again but they have always come out stronger and more in love than they were before. Right from loving each other and always being their partner’s support system to simply being there for them in testing times, this couple has done it all on-screen.

On the other hand, we have Kabeer-Zara the leading Jodi of the show Ishq Subhan Allah. Both of them with their amazing chemistry and bonding has made a place in the hearts of many. They are one of the most adored couples on television screens because both of them have made the onscreen characters come alive through their acting skills and perfection.

Many hot scenes have been shooting between the couple that has put TV screens on fire and its audiences asking for more. Their chemistry, those romantic moments they share on-screen and the husband and wife couple goals they leave us with, audiences just can’t seem to get enough of this on-screen duo. Just like the couple, the show grabbed quick attention from the audience and became a fan favorite within a very short period of time.

Both of them have amazing chemistry and bonding and both of them have their own different fans who love and adore them. For us, both of them have superb chemistry. You’ll let us know who according to you have the best chemistry.

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