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Vindhya Tiwari talks about her new character Chalu Chappati in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’s Chalu is so unlike me in real life: Vindhya Tiwari

Vindhya Tiwari’s belief in the adage that whatever happens, happens for the best, has come true. She was replaced at the last minute for season 2 of now on its way out Zee TV show Manmohini. But then fate had better things planned for her, i.e getting Star Plus show, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

“I really love my loud colourful character called Chalu Chappati. While she might bend the rules here and there, she is good at heart. No wonder she still takes care of her parents, who had abandoned her at birth.”

“She saves the life of young Kulfi (Akriti), and then enters the house as comatose Sikander’s (Mohit Mallick) first wife. Today, she will clip the evil Lovleen (Anjali Anand) in the show. I am getting excellent social media feedback for the same. They are loving Chalu for standing up to Lovleen.”

“Chalu is so unlike me in real life; she even boozes. My director was zapped that a teetotaller like me could play a boozer like her with elan.”

“I really love our Kulfi team (Nilanjana Purkayasstha), for we all work like stage artists, giving one-take scenes, which hardly happens on the tube. Plus, having a Star Plus show in your CV is a huge plus.”

“After a long time, I have got a creative project that also satisfies the actor within. No wonder our show was a rating guzzler at one time.”

She refused to comment much on Manmohini not happening, saying, “I guess Chalu was there in my destiny. Also, in a way, since I would have replaced someone in Manmohini, there would have been lots of comparisons. While Chalu, here is a new character altogether.”

Point out that ratings of Kulfi are not great either? “Well, our numbers have risen this week. And also, given our early evening 7 pm slot, I don’t think we are going anywhere soon.”

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