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Muskan Bamne who plays the role of Pakhi Shah in Star Plus’ Anupamaa gets into a conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

Learning phase on the set of Anupamaa does not end at all: Muskan Bamne

Muskan Bamne is happy and feels fortunate to have got such a great learning phase with the show Anupamaa, that too, so early in her life!!

Muskan who has featured in films Haseena and Helicopter Eela plays the role of Pakhi Shah, daughter of Vanraj Shah and Anupamaa Shah in the above-mentioned popular Star Plus show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut.

Says Muskan, “Touchwood, by the grace of God, all is going well with Anupamaa. Shoot is real fun. The best part is that the learning phase does not end at all, when you are in the midst of such great actors (smiles).”

Muskan claims that the show definitely has a mix of senior actors and youngsters, but the manner in which the entire cast gels, gives it a age-no-barrier feel. “Just like us, our senior actors too enjoy and have fun with us. There is a lot of laughter and happy time that we enjoy on set. We certainly learn from them, but they never give us the thought that they are elder to us. We all mingle extremely well. Age does not matter when we all join in to have fun.”

“Personally, I got a chance to know more about Pakhi. I am so different from how Pakhi is or let me say, was. I got to know through the show that girls like Pakhi do exist (smiles). In the beginning, it was so tough to shoot for scenes where I had to fight and abuse my mother Anupamaa. The only question that came to my mind was – how can kids behave so badly with their mother? Thankfully now, Pakhi respects her mother a lot,” she adds.

Muskan is happy that her parents love her character. “I have a great support in my family. On set, I have a great set of co-actors and technicians. I am enjoying every bit of my exposure with Anupamaa.”

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