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Maniesh Paul's sweet gesture for his staff.

I made sure to pay my staff in advance in the times of any crisis: Maniesh Paul

As we all know Covid 19 is a serious issue currently the world is facing. Most of the most of the countries have locked down to avoid this virus from spreading Film industry have started taking measures and necessary steps to prevent from corona, they have shut the production down for next few days . Since there will be no shoot happenings for next few weeks as per decision taken by the government and film industry, so many workers like drivers, spot boys, makeup artists and other staff are going to suffer the losses because of no work and no payment. For the next few days since everything will be shut people are going to suffer from losses in their respective lives.

In this case Maniesh Paul who was shooting for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has taken some thoughtful steps for his staff. In this scenario Maniesh Paul has helped his staff with their advance payments for their next shoots so that they don’t suffer any losses since they have cancelled all the shoots till 31st of March 2020 and the staffs are not going to get paid till then. Maniesh has also bought them masks, sanitizers, grocery materials, hand washes etc so that they stay indoor and look after their families and stay protected.

Speaking to Maniesh in detail about the situation he shares “I am home bound making sure to follow the rules not going to the gym or any meetings. In times like these, I made sure to pay my house helps, makeup hair spot and office boys all in and all 12-15 people their salaries for the next month in advance. I wont take it back, I just gave it to them to use it in the times of any crisis. They all have kids and they should feel comfortable. Most of them live on day to day or weekly earnings. I have given all of them leaves and told them if I urgently or suddenly need something I will call them, otherwise the all should stay at home. They were getting worried about what will happen and to calm them down I just told them not to worry. This stratum is facing the maximum loss. My wife also made sure that we give them ample sanitizers. Also it may sound funny but I also got them all board games to pass time.”

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