In conversation with Nitish Pandey

Maharaj Ki Jay Ho might just become a sleeper hit – Nitish Pandey

Veteran TV and film actor Nitish Pandey has got a juicy role courtesy new Star Plus show, Maharaj Ki Jay Ho.

“I had a blast playing the blind Mahabharat emperor Dritrasthra in this comic fantasy meets mythology. It took me back to my stint in my SAB TV show Jaankhilavan Jasoos. Such author-backed roles are few and far between,in saas-bahu dominated tube content despite that I have created a niche for myself doing other show as Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka,” says Nitish to IWMBuzz.

He adds, “I approached the character as a childlike someone who wants to see everything, and in his case being blind, he keeps falling around. While I did not take the baggage of essaying a mythical character, I was conscious not to do anything to ridicule the visually challenged. The scenes with my on-screen wife were funny. The best part was that Gandhari is very devoted to her husband. No wonder in the original story, she had covered her eyes postmarriage to the father of the Kauravs.”

How was the experience of working with Rajesh Kumar (bete noire in the show)?

“Although friends, for years, we could not work together being competitors. Often, we were both shortlisted for the same character. So either he was lucky or me. Now finally, we are sharing screen space.”

When we ask about possible ratings, he says, “I have heard that we are in the top list (not confirmed) on the back of good word of mouth buzz. Also, the fact that we all are at home should give us an edge. Though I have to concede, publicity would have helped. If the show becomes hit, you never know there might be a sequel as well. Producer-Director David Polycarp already has a proper script for taking the time travel story forward.”

Looking ahead, Nitish would also want to try his hands at more films (Khosla Ka Ghosla, Om Shanti Om, and Hunterr) and the web as well. He does not think that TV actor loudness affects their cine chances. “Have we not seen more boisterous movie characters? The over the top element you talk about depends on the script and taking and story. “Sadly, stand-alone digital is going down the numbers and sex and sleaze route, but some good content is also coming up.”

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