Nikki Tamboli is not just an actress; she’s a trendsetter. Her influence extends beyond the acting industry, as she’s also a fashion icon. Her fresh take on diverse outfits, from hair styling to choosing innovative footwear, always inspires. Now, she’s here to motivate her fans to go for a fresh appearance with a stunning hairstyle. Let’s have a peek below.

Nikki Tamboli’s New Hairstyle Video-

Taking to her Instagram story, Nikki Tamboli shares a glimpse of her new look in a casual sleeveless, strappy, U-neckline plain top tucked in dark blue tight jeans. She compliments her outfit with a side-partition open, soft, curly hairstyle. Nikki Tamboli maintains minimal makeup: fluttery lashes, pastel pink soft eyeshadow, and glossy pink lips.

In the video, Nikki sits on the chair and starts shooting while looking at the mirror. The hairstylist starts by giving volume to her hair from the back, coming to the right side, and doing a reverse comb to enhance the volume. After that, the hairstylist starts hairspray on all her hair to remain intact, a blonde highlighted curly hairstyle. After the video, Nikki posted a picture of herself flaunting her bouncy hairstyle with a smile.

View Instagram Post 1: Nikki Tamboli Gets New Hairstyle, Flaunts Her Bouncy Curls, Watch!

This change showcases her versatile style and reflects current trends in hair fashion. If you love curling your hair, you can also opt for this hairstyle, just like Nikki Tamboli.

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