IWMBuzz speaks to MADAM Sir show lead star Gulki Joshi on what she is doing during lockdown days

I have not stepped out of the house, and neither am I allowing anyone in – Madam Sir fame Gulki Joshi on #BattleCovid19

Gulki Joshi, currently playing the main lead in SAB TV cop show Madam Sir, feels that as of now, Coronavirus has taken over the entire public space. Wherever you go, there is only talk about this pandemic. Even If you call up someone, the ringing tone is Coronavirus advisory

“The political landscape is also changing with the same old Hindu-Muslim and CAA debates making way for a talk on how to combat this menace which has forced global lockdowns. At the end of the day, human life is more vital than citizenship.” reasons Gulki in a chat with IWMBuzz.com.

Here, Gulki supports the pre-emptive lockdown measures being adopted by the government “We still are in phase 2 and need to break the community transmission cycle right now. For the death toll will be higher compared to other countries given our population density. And if you stay at home, you don’t spread the bug, which requires a human carrier.”

What is your quarantine protocol?

“I have not stepped out of the house, and neither am I allowing anyone in. The best part is that the shoot suspension has also given me a chance to recharge my batteries. I had been shooting night and day for over a month.”

What should one do while at home?

“You can video call out of touch friends and relatives. Alternatively, read all those books you bought but never found time to open a page. I am doing all this and more.e., meditation too.”

Here Gulki sounds a note of caution, “Please also don’t believe whatever you read on Whatapp university, a lot of fake news is doing the rounds. We also need to factor in that there is not much known about this pathogen which is also growing. ”

In closing, talking about Madam Sir telecast schedule, she says “ Unlike most shows which will be airing reruns from Monday, we have an episode bank till Wednesday.”

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