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Saas-bahu sagas are getting over from TV: Manav Gohil

Talented and smart actor Manav Gohil needs no introduction. The thespian, who has been around in the media & entertainment scene for more than a decade now, has enthralled audience through her acting talent in shows like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Kkusum, Saara Akaash, The Buddy Project and Yam Hain Hum.

He all set to take audience on a laughter ride with Tenali Rama on SAB TV wherein he will portray the character of King Krishnadevraya.

Talking about his new project, Manav says, “I am excited because the buzz is good. The feedback that we are receiving is fantastic. I didn’t find a reason to say no to this show. It is Tenali Rama and we have grown up hearing and reading about him. The reason I picked up this project is because it is for SAB TV. I love to work with them as they are uncomplicated. When you go back home after acting in a show like this you don’t feel fatigue because you are having a good time on the set and you are happy.  I have not done any preparation for the role. I am just going through the line and constructing the character and playing the same.”

Manav further adds that he loves to make people laugh. “I love to do comedy. When you get out from the heroic slot and do humour, it is a fantastic revelation of an individual as an actor. It is the script that is a hero. You are the executing person.”

When we ask what personally satisfies him as an actor –theatre or a TV show, he avers, “If I have to earn money than of course I will have to do a show as theatre is not too lucrative. Theatre has its own charm. Once in a while I would love to do theatre as it gives you the scope to evolve into a character. It’s a high for an actor.”

Manav has been on TV for more than a decade now, when we ask what changes he has seen on TV, he shares, “I see that the saas-bahu saga is getting over. People are going more towards costume and historic or mythos, be it Naagin, Hanumaan or Ashoka and now Tenali Rama. I think audience love humour and drama. The taste is changing but I am still looking forward to the taste of the audiences evolving with the same zeal that I used to about seven-eight years back. I really want them to start loving the shows that I would love to be a part of. I would love to do a spy or detective story. However, people are not ready for change as of now.”

Apart from acting, Manav would love to work behind the camera, he quips, “I would love to direct and I have few script with me so I might soon end up being a producer. It is great to expand as that is the kick. Otherwise just working and earning money is tedious.”

Finally, talking about his happy family, he observes, “Shweta (wife) and Zara (daughter) are happy. My daughter has turned five and she is very talkative. I am a pretty hands-on father. Shweta is not returning to acting because she doesn’t want to cut down the time that she wants to give to Zara. And secondly, I am not sure if she can completely relate to the kind of TV that is happening currently.”

Good luck Manav. Wish you more success.

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