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The latest groom in telly town, Jas Karan Singh talks about his wife and their togetherness.

We have very similar personality traits, and that is what brings us together: Jas Karan Singh on Ridheema Tiwari

Newly-weds Jas Karan Singh and Ridheema Tiwari are happy and pleased to have gotten into the blissful married life!!

As they gather around the elders in their family and friends circle to seek blessings, all that they recollect is that life turned beautiful the moment the two of them got to know each other.

Says Jas Karan in a talk with IWMBuzz.com, “Everything for me and around me has changed with marriage. God has really favoured us and we can’t thank him enough. Honestly, I was very nervous as I approached my marriage date, the reason being that I have been extremely busy with my restaurant work over the last few months. I have had no time to look into things other than work.”

So how did the wedding plan happen? Well, Jas has a very cute story to narrate. “If you remember, we had announced in media that we will not be getting married till the year 2019. Recently, to be precise in the first week of June, Ridheema casually asked me on phone one day if I would marry her if given a chance to do so in the next couple of days. I was so busy at work that in the excitement, I gave her a ‘yes’ as reply, and you will not believe, it, she started preparations for the wedding (smiles). I literally got an anxiety attack when this happened. But yes, alls well that ends well. It is a nice feeling to be married.”

“Ridheema wanted the marriage to take place at a Gurudwara, but since the wedding happened at a very short notice, we could only manage to get the venue we tied the knot at. We took the phere and our families were happy,” he adds.

Ask him what is it that they like in each other, and Jas says that the question is not at all difficult to answer, simply for the fact that they both are very similar. “We have very similar personality traits and I am exactly the way she is (smiles) and vice versa. At times, this comes in as a boon, but there are times when both of us get angry on each other. But the plus point here is that we get angry and cool down too very quickly. We both are passionate about our careers; we are loving and emotional.”

Jas Karan Singh owns the restaurant, Karan’s Koliwada, and the truck called Sardarji Express Food Truck which specifically serves snacks.

Ask Jas whether it is honeymoon calling for them, and he is quick to say, “Not at all. We are back to our work. My restaurant is well-established now, and I am on the lookout for good roles. Ridheema too wants to get back to acting, and is waiting for the right role.”

Have a blessed life, both of you!!

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