Rajev Paul talks about how he dislikes the fact that Social Media gains prominence in actors bagging good work.

SM followers alone cannot guarantee success: Rajev Paul

Veteran TV actor Rajev Paul who had made his TV comeback with Star Bharat show Jiji Maa is not very happy with the current phase of tube and web casting.

“Back in the day when I first started as actor (Swabhiman 1995) we were judged on the basis of the photos we would share. But today the first thing a casting director asks you is whether you will do bold (web) and how many followers do you have on social media (SM) platforms, especially  Instagram.”

“The audience of  most shows including  Jiji Maa up North is not so clued on SM, not that they don’t have access to smart phones or internet.”

To further buttress his above point, this actor cum poet added that “If SM followers alone guaranteed success, how come recent shows which boast of actors with huge SM followers shut shop in few months.  There is no clear connect between online traction and TRP.”

“Just because you have millions following your blink and miss TikTok video, it  does not mean that they would automatically want to watch  you on the small screen or spend a 1000 bucks to check your film as well.”

“And what really takes the cake is the fact that many a time followers are brought. So what success are you talking about??

Here Rajev adds that, “Don’t get me wrong; I am not against posting stuff. Even I  give vent to my feelings on Facebook, but my life does not depend on the numbers of likes, it garners.  Also I will not ask others to like or comment unless it is socially relevant.”

In closing Rajev who is also doing a stage play (Wedding Album) says he is not comfortable doing love making scenes. “No offence to those who do it.

Having said that, I never say never. A lot also depends on the presentation. I really liked the way Ekta made Bekaboo for ALTBalaji.”

So when can we see you back on the Idiot box? “Well after doing the above show which lasted for two years, which is no mean feat I am next looking for something juicy. Certain projects did not work out for one or other reasons. I am in no hurry for I was never afflicted by the out of sight is out of syndrome.”

Best of luck, Rajev!!

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