Tanvi Dogra has come a long way as an actor with her varied roles on TV.

The dutiful and responsible sister in Jiji Maa became the best friend turned wife in Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna.

And now, Tanvi excels at playing the de-glam lead in &TV show Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein.

In an exclusive interview with IWMBuzz.com, Tanvi talks about her newfound interest for TikTok videos, on her show and much more.


How has your lockdown schedule been like?

I have got into lot of cooking. I never knew to cook anything. Now, I help my father a lot and we are cooking a lot of different dishes (smiles) and not restricting ourselves to eating just the roti and dhal.

This lockdown phase has created a lot of mental agony in people. How are you dealing with this?

Very true!! It is very easy to keep thinking and lose focus during this period. For me, I have a dog which keeps us all busy. He is full of energy, and never allows us to get bored. Time with Oscar (dog) is well-spent. Otherwise, me and my brother watch movies together.

I wish to do a film as I will be fulfilling my mother’s dream: Tanvi Dogra 1

We have seen you getting into TikTok videos of late. Let us know of this newfound love. 

Yes, again, my brother has influenced me to do varied things on TikTok. It is full timepass and I am enjoying it. My brother comes up with great ideas, and I take time getting ready for it, and then the shoot process happens. So this is timeconsuming as well as fun. TikTok is a new trend these days, and we want to have our share of fun.

How have you looked at the year 2020?

Well, when the year started, nobody must have expected the year to have such a huge turnaround. Our show on &TV, Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein launched just two months back. So this break has been unexpected.
TikTok is a new trend these days, and I am enjoying making videos.
How has the journey been with the show?

The journey has been wonderful. For this sequel of Santoshi Maa, our idea was to get into the rural side all the more and show people more of the realistic lifestyle. We have experimented on the language as well, and all actors have worked a lot of the UP dialect. For me, it was very difficult as I had to see a lot of those documentaries, movies etc to know of the dialect. I saw the movie Gangs of Wassepur and followed it for the dialect hold. Initially it was very tough for me, but with time, I have got into the rhythm of it.

Not all actors would prefer to go de-glam to this extent. So how did you take this aspect?

It is certainly totally different. Even I could not recognize myself in the choti, middle partition and champu look. Taking this up for a TV role was a challenge and I was ready for it. I have this vision that I have looked really beautiful in my earlier shows. People have seen my glam avatar. They should also see this different side wherein I excel in a role that is totally off being glam. Above all, I was instructed by Rashmi Mam actually to not focus on my look or dressing, but only on the character I play. That meant a lot and I have been doing just that!!

Is there any role or genre you will want to explore in future?

I have always felt that I want to do a street-smart jakaas kind of role that Kareena Kapoor had in Jab We Met. The fun-filled roles will be my next lookout whenever that happens. In real life also, I am like that!!

I wish to do a film as I will be fulfilling my mother’s dream: Tanvi Dogra 2

Tanvi Dogra, how religious are you in real life? 

To be honest, I am not the kind of girl who will go on to fast and keep vrats like Swati. But yes, I believe in God and pray.

What are your ideas with respect to the web medium, Tanvi Dogra?

That’s a great medium and I have been watching a lot of content out there. Any kind of medium is fine for me. I will love to do some work for the web platform too.
The fun-filled roles will be my next lookout whenever that happens.
What are the ideas for the future?

I have had no regrets in life. I have loved to be part of all the projects I have been in. I am thankful to God that I have never been on a break as far as work is concerned. I will want to do good roles in the future. I wish to feature in a film in the near future; I will be fulfilling my mom’s dream if that happens!! She is no more, but she always wanted me to be an actor. She did not see me as the lead and face of the show in Jiji Maa, and that’s the biggest regret I have in life.

What is your message to your fans?

Thanks for all the love, stay indoors and safe and please watch my TikTok videos.

Best of luck, Tanvi Dogra…