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Some 10 select production houses have destroyed the soul of Indian TV: rants Sudesh Berry

Veteran film and TV actor Sudesh Berry, who is playing an important role in Life Ok show Chandrakanta, is very happy at his king role. “I have never played a ruler before who exercises extra ordinary powers.”

Sudesh, who has been around the entertainment industry for thirty odd years (Ghayal, Vansh) laments the current state of  Bollywood,  “There is no system worth the name,  few families rule the roost, and  ironically even the maths does not add up.  If you even invest 100 crores andonly make 150, what is the big deal?

“The answer to them is a Bahubaali which is not even a Hindi film. This  masterpiece made on a budget of 200 crores rakes in 2300  crores. Also there is a complete decay of family values and Indian traditions, we need to go back to our roots,” says the veteran star in a chat with IndianWikiMedia.

Here, Sudesh also drags in TV (has done Mahabharat, Andaaz and Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo among others) saying the idiot box is even worse. “Some 10 select production houses have destroyed the soul of Indian TV.”

Tell him these so called regressive shows still rake in numbers and  he fires back, “In my day DD Suraag rated 19 TVR,  the number today shows rake are nothing compared to that.”

He further adds that God has entrusted him with the task of cleaning up  Bollywood   “I need to teach acting to these so called greats. I have come with a special purpose. I am not here just to make a bungalow in Bandra (plush Mumbai suburb,no wonder I have survived so long.”

We ask him point blank, if his above anger is account of frustration of not making it the top (he moved to character role in films, Border, LOC  Kargil), and he said, “No I am content and money is not everything. As for success, I am now doing major roles on all top ranking GECs,  Chandrakanta (Life OK) and Shakti on Colors, Koi Ke Aaaya Hai recently ended on Star Plus.”

In closing, Sudesh regards his each and every performance as Oscar winning. “I don’t give much value to desi awards.  Hence, you must have not seen me in any of them.  It is said that while we have best looking face category, we don’t respect the technicians who made it possible?

We wish him luck and success!!!

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