Dhruv Bhandari of Tere Sheher Mein fame chats with IndianWikiMedia...

Taj Express helped me evolve as an actor: Dhruv Bhandari

Dhruv Bhandari of Star Plus show  Tere Sheher  Mein  fame, who has been missing for  a while from the tube, will  soon be back  in action.“There is a project but I can’t share details yet but something should give in a month.”

Dhruv, who has also done films like Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji and Click before moving to TV with Rakt Sambandh further informs us that he also plans to move back to cinema as well. “But it will happen only next year, right now I am focusing on TV.”

“I am always on the lookout for juicy roles which are different from my real life persona.  I have just started acting journey, so have a long way to go.  I now want to go beyond anti- hero and romantic characters, been there, done that, maybe angry young man next?”

Among all this acting projects, this son of now deceased well known TV actor Mohan Bhandari, ranks his international musical drama Taj Express as closest to his heart.

“This project really changed me as an actor. I grew in confidence from a raw immature performer to someone who could dance and act with confidence in front of crowds of 4000-5000 people.”

“I did this project for three year from 2012 end to 2015 when Tere Sheher started. I also did a few more shows after the above Rajan Shahi Production wrapped up as well.”

Taj Express not only helped Dhruv grow as an actor, it also helped him get a loving partner in producer and director Shruti Merchant. “Marriage with all its happiness and love is bliss.”

Can we see you working with your better half again? “Let’s see.  Right now I am getting settled in   married life (got hitched earlier this year) and I am also busy travelling which have caused my current absence.”