Dhruv Bhandari talks about his comeback show Bindiya Sarkar

The story and journey of Bindiya & Abhay will be the USP of Bindiya Sarkar: Dhruv Bhandari

Dhruv Bhandari, who has carved a niche with his exceptional performances in projects like Rakt Sambandh and Tere Sheher Mein, is all set to return to TV. The actor is making a comeback after a gap of seven years.

Dhruv will be seen in Dangal TV’s new show ‘Bindiya Sarkar’. He will play the role of a cop named Abhay Bhardwaj. In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Dhruv spoke about his new show, expectations from the role, journey in the industry and more. Read on:

How do you feel to be back on-screen after a long gap? What were you missing the most while you were away from TV?

It feels great. I didn’t realize how much I missed being on-screen and how much I am enjoying coming back. Now that I am back, I can’t wait to see myself on screen again. The things I missed the most were the camera, the set, the daily chaos and energy. Getting to perform different scenes every day and to top it all the never ending love of the fans.

Why were you away from the screen? How did you utilize your free time while you were away?

Well, if you notice I have always taken long breaks between two projects because I like to give that time to myself for other avenues like theatre, business, etc. And this time I had another reason for settling down. Well, I went back to international theatre, indulged in writing, working on my own production and the best part was making the most of this time with my family. I guess my break got extended because I couldn’t get enough of spending time with my daughter.

What made you choose Bindiya Sarkar?

The character and the story. Even though it’s a daily soap drama, not many shows showcase a romantic story in political setup along with encouraging women empowerment. And nothing gets better than playing a man in uniform.

What are your expectations from the daily?

Well obviously, I want the daily to be a huge success, but more than that it’s getting the love from all our viewers. I really wish everyone loves and connects with all the characters. And I want the message of the show (women empowerment) to reach everyone.

What is the USP of the show?

The USP of the show is going to be the story and the journey of Bindiya & Abhay.

What do you like the most about your character?

The best part of my character is the fact that he is very strong and stern. He is a man with a heart of pure gold. You cannot not love Abhay as and when you get to know him more and more.

Did you go through any physical transformation for this role?

Well unfortunately just before starting shooting, I was down with COVID, so I lost a lot of weight, which made it more difficult for me. Hence the physical transformation, as I would like it to be, is yet to be achieved and I am working a lot towards it.

Do you see any change on set post this COVID outbreak?

Well I am just glad that things are getting back to normal. But yes the awareness and fear of contracting the virus has made everyone more alert and cautious, which is good.

How has been your experience working with your co-stars?

It’s been great so far. Sonal Khilwani, who is playing Bindiya, and I have shot quite a few scenes together by now. We have hit it off well, which works great for our scenes. Amit Behl who is playing my father, is someone whom I have known since I was a kid. So we were like a house on fire from day one. Neelu Vaghela who is playing my mother and I immediately formed a beautiful bond together from the first scene that we shot. All in all, everyone on the set is enjoying working together.

When you look back at your journey in the industry, how do you feel about it? Any regrets so far?

Well I just look at it as a journey with ups and downs, which I feel are all the makings required for a success story. Hence, there are no regrets, but maybe learning from experiences. At the end of the day, I realized that there is nothing more important than one’s hard-work, passion and determination. So leaving everything behind, from here on it’s only onwards and upwards.

Finally, your message to your fans…

I can’t ever thank my fans enough for always being by my side even when I was not on national TV for a while. They have always showered me with so much love. I feel so lucky and blessed. And now I only wish to give something back to them by doing my best as Abhay and for them to continue loving, supporting me like always.