Shafaq Naaz who awaits the release of her movie Ab Bachna Mushkil Hai gets into a conversation with

TV actors are no longer given short shrift in films: Shafaq Naaz

TV actor Shafaq Naaz is waiting for the release of her ensemble cast horror film, Ab Bachna Mushkil Hai (Big Bat films), which traces the journey of four girls who get trapped in a paranormal experience.

“Personally, I am not a big fan of this genre; but I have tried it on TV as well (Mahakali- Anth hi Aarambh Hai).”

Talking about the difference between TV and film shooting styles, she says, “Both differ a lot. The biggest issue is time. While small screen sets are always a race against the clock, film units afford us time to understand the graph of the character and over-all plots.” Her other well-known TV outings have been Chidya Ghar, Mahabharat, etc.

“It is also good to note that today the chasm between TV, web and films is reducing. The old thumb rule that tv guys can’t act no longer holds water. Today what matters is if you fit the character. Of late, many TV stars have successfully crossed over to films.”

“Having said that, films present their own set of marketing challenges. It is very important for the producer to release the film just right, as competition might kill your product. But again, even on TV you are not sure of success. Have we not seen shows shutting down in a matter of months?”

This is Shafaq’s second film (debuted in Guest in London). “I go for role and not length. I am also in no hurry as I understand that one needs to have a lot of patience to grab a lead cine role.”

For the moment, Shafaq is busy with one more web series after Ullu App’s Halala. “I can’t say much yet about my new show. I got lots of love and appreciation for the former.”

Will you return to TV (her last outing was a cameo in Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha)? “If I get a juicy role, yes. Also, the time is of importance. Last year I was out for nearly a month, shooting for Ab Bachna Mushkil Hai, and once you do TV, you can’t leave town.”

In closing, we ask whether her new film also follows the new horex route (horror and sex). “No, rather we have stuck to the old horror template. Having said that, sex has indeed become common everywhere.”

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