Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Rajan Shahi’s popular serial, Shehzada Dhami, was getting a lot of praise for the character of Arman Poddar. He was suddenly terminated from the show. The producer blamed the actor for not doing his work properly. Shehzada Dhami had also made many different allegations against Rajan Shahi. The actor claimed that the producers pressured everyone on the set to touch his feet.

When we tried to investigate this, we found an interview of Shruti Ulfat with Telly Masala, who plays Vidya Pauddar in the show. In it, she refutes Shehzada Dhami’s allegations.

Shruti Ulfat denied Shehzada’s serious allegation and said, “I have never seen this happening. Whenever Rajan comes on the set, everyone meets him, but I have never seen anyone doing this.” The actress also termed Shehzada Dhami’s allegation wrong and said she didn’t know why he felt like this.

When the actress was asked more about this, she called it a symbol of Indian culture and said that we have been taught this. She explained that touching the feet of an elder is a symbol of respect and love in Indian culture, a tradition she believes in. Overall, the actress says that she has not seen any such action on the set.

For those following the show, it’s important to note that after Shehzada Dhami’s departure, the character of Armaan was replaced by Rohit Purohit. This change in the storyline, with Armaan and Ruhi’s impending marriage and Abhira Samriddhi Shukla’s departure, has left Armaan in a state of sadness, adding a new layer of drama to the show.