The National Commission for Women has reportedly closed the MeToo allegations case against Anu Malik owing to lack of evidence. Read here.

Anu Malik case closed in #MeToo harassment

With the National Commission for Women closing the case against Anu Malik for alleged sexual misconduct, the curtain has fallen on allegations against one more weighty name mentioned in the MeToo movement.

According to the chairperson, Rekha Sharma of the National Commission for Women (NCW), the case against Malik is closed due to lack of communication from the complainants, and substantial evidence.

Several singers including Sona Mahapatra and Shweta Pandit had come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Malik. Now with the NCW closing the case, there is widespread dismay in a section of the music industry.

A close relative of one of Malik’s accusers told this writer, “If known predators get away with their behaviour, more people will be encouraged to misbehave and behave improperly .”

It is to be noted that all the big fish from the entertainment industry gave gotten away with their behaviour while the relatively less-powerful like Sajid Khan and Alok Nath have been punished by being boycotted at their workplace.

Anu Malik, we are told, is now planning to take legal action against the accusers.

He remained unavailable for comment.

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