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Bigg Boss Marathi is back with the season 2.

Bigg Boss is back

Bigg Boss has always been great, be it in Hindi or in Marathi, the popular reality show has never failed to impress its viewers.

After a very successful and super hit first season of Marathi Bigg Boss, the show returns with a powerful season 2.Mahesh Manjrekar will host Marathi Bigg Boss Season 2.

‘Endemol Shine India’, the production company behind the show, posted a video on their Instagram handle featuring the trailer of Marathi BiggBoss season 2.

They wrote, “मंगलमय विचारांचा हे करतात पुरस्कार… पण #BiggBossMarathi2 च्या घरातलं वातावरण यांच्यामुळे मंगलमय होणार का? #ColorsMarathi #MaheshManjrekar Manjrekar #BiggBossMarathi”

Season 2 of Marathi Bigg Boss looks quite Interesting.

Let us know how you liked the trailer.

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