‘Chocolatey photoshoot’ for contestants in India’s Next Top Model

The girls and boys pose for a chocolatey photoshoot in India’s Next Top Model.

‘Chocolatey photoshoot’ for contestants in India’s Next Top Model

Loyal viewers of the show can gear up for the hottest photoshoot on MTV’s India’s Next Top Model as they pose with a hot Ukranian model in a bathtub, full of molten chocolate.

Yes, you heard that right! The girls will bring all our wild fantasies to life in the upcoming episode as they indulge in a sultry photoshoot. This sure will be a hot union of fire and fantasy!

While four contestants, Parina, Akanksha, Shweta and Sabita posed with the hot male model, two of them, Riya and Eva posed with each other. Though a bit apprehensive about posing together, Riya and Eva looked extremely hot during the photoshoot. The girls were given themes for the shoot while Milind Soman and Anusha Dandekar mentored them through it.

A source close to the sets said, “The shoot brought out the hot and wild side of the girls. We have seen them since the inception of the show. They were all very cute and shy in the beginning and this photoshoot was a refreshing change.”

Way to go, Chocolatey girls and boys!!

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