The tête-à-tête between the two teams on MTV Splitsvilla X3 is aggravating by the day. While on one day it is all about the victory of Team ‘Let’s Do It’, the other day Team ‘Boombaam’ steals the thunder and clearly with the last two episodes, this dome session is going to be a menace for them. They lost the Silver Opportunity Challenge and had no representatives at the Golden Opportunity Challenge. While Jay-Aditi have become an ideal match and Nikhil-Bhumika are comfortable at the Golden Villa, will this dome session prove to be the last for Shivam-Pallak? It’ll be interesting to find out!

Donning their best, the Splitsvillains will be seen at the Dome session where the Gorgeous Sunny Leone will be giving them the biggest shockers; perilous enough to create turbulence to their journey forward. One guy and one girl will be walking out of the villa for sure in this game of love. Dumping power rests with Katvin and if an ideal match forms in the dome, it will be shared with them. Jay-Aditi can save one person from dumping and for the first time both the winning couples will go in front of the oracle! The only hack is that the Silver Villains get to decide if the couple will go for an ideal match or the compatible match. The master plan of Team ‘Let’s Do It’ is all set, but if Team ‘Boombaam’ has to survive, they will have to take this dome session by the storm since both the teams are at loggerheads now!

The upcoming dome session will witness one of most intense spat between the two teams and a huge betrayal amongst the groups that will leave everyone disheartened, and is sure to end on a very emotional note. And clearly, all the eyes are on the third ideal match of the season! Will the Splitsvillains witness one? The excitement level knows no bounds! Also, Sapna lost the challenge being in the Golden Villa; Dhruv has already moved to the Silver Villa, but will this dome session have any repercussions on Sapna’s stay? Will Team Boombaam be able to black jack the dome session or will bid goodbye to their friends?