Producer Amir Jaffar calls out alleged fake news published by online media portal

“Crappy journalism once again”, noted TV producer Amir Jaffar hits out at online media portal

It takes hard work, years of experience and constant effort to ensure robust and credible journalism. In an era of chewing gum reporting and fake & stale news, it is imperative that one follows ethics to maintain sanity and sanctity of the medium.

Noted TV producer Amir Jaffar is visibly upset as his blood and sweat, his earnest attempt to create good content for television is being vilified. An online media portal has reported that top rated Zee TV show Tujhse Hai Raabta is meeting its end.

Amir and his wife Sonali Jaffar (Full House Media) are the creators of the above serial.

To its response, Amir has taken to Instagram to express his anger at the apparent peddling of ‘fake news’.

He has written: Crappy journalism once again by #tellychakkar publishing unverified news without cross checking with proper sources. NO… RAABTA IS NOT GOING OFF AIR

What do the show’s fans have to say about it?

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