Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal gained enough attention since their marriage life disaster was made public. Nisha accused the actor of hitting her and being abusive. The matter is quite hot for the telly business.

And here, Karan Mehra is talking about his marriage, wife Nisha Rawal, Affairs, and Alimony. Karan said, “Nisha told me about her affair. She wanted to get separated even though the person she is having her affair with is married and has two kids. Even her wife had come to talk to me.”

And everything was happening. Nisha’s family members were there. He opened up about his stress after missing his first child. Karan talked about how they asked him to catch up.

And further talking about the alimony amount, Nisha asked him about this. Karan said, “The amount she said earlier and in court is more than twice. Aur hume bachha palna hai ya fauj, I mean Ek bachhe k liye itne paise toh nahi chaiye. Hum sab padhe likhe hai, middle class se hai toh pata hai kitna paisa jata hai. Aur aisa kya hone wala hai ki itna lakho paise chahiye har mahine ek bache ko”.

Also, he added, “You think I will give her a penny, trusting her to use it for him in today’s situation.”

“No!” Karan further said everything in confidence and revealed what would happen in the future.

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