&TV’s Laal Ishq will see Farnaz Shetty playing a major role in the next episodic story.

Farnaz Shetty to play a ghost in &TV’s Laal Ishq

After her recent &TV show, SiddhiVinayak shut shop, Farnaz Shetty will be seen in an episode of horror series Laal Ishq, on the same channel.

Says Farnaz, “I will start shooting for this short Essel Vision project from tomorrow.”

She refused to spell out more apart from saying that her character is a young ghost with lots of twists and turns, “As that will reveal the story.”

This is not Farnaz’s first tryst with the horror genre; she had done the limited Fear Files series as well, two years back.

“So I know what to expect. Although I was not the spirit then, I was possessed by it. This time around, there will be a lot of prosthetic work involved as well. It gets really tough to shoot with it. It also takes lots of time to put on and remove.”

Personally Farnaz is sceptical about the supernatural, “As till now I have not encountered any such beings, and when I hear bizarre stuff about them from others, I find it a bit far-fetched.”

Farnaz, we wish you a scary Laal Ishq experience.

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