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The latest update to the strike threat comes from the decision taken by the Directors’ body...

FWICE Strike Update: Directors’ body to not support the strike…

The countdown has indeed begun to the ‘strike threat’ that looms large over the entertainment industry!!

Our loyal reader base at IndianWikiMedia.com has already been informed about the developments that happened after The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) released a letter to all the governing bodies about going on a strike from the night of 14 August, at the wake of their demands not being met.

As a strong reply to the letter, the IMPPA (Indian Motion Picture Producers Association) sent out a letter stating that they are not in favour of the strike, and that the Producers can indulge in ‘free trade’ wherein the Producers can get new workers and carry on shoot.

Now, as a new update, we get to hear that the prestigious Directors’ Association has apparently worked it out with the team of directors that the association will not stop its members from working on 14 August.

As per a credible source, “The Directors’ body has taken a silent route this time around, and have left the decisions to be made by the respective members in their association. Though the Directors’ association has given an indirect hint of not being in favor of the strike, it has decided to give a free hand to its members to think and act. The members of the directors’ association will be free to decide whether they want to join the strike or not.”

Over the last few years, when such a strike threat happened, the Directors’ association had openly worked towards not letting the strike from happening. Basically, Union consists of light men, spot boys, set workers and junior artistes who form the core of it. The others happen to be the editors, cameramen, directors etc, and the belief is that majority in the workers’ body will understand the need of working and taking money home.

Another big reality is that there is no MoU in place with the workers’ body for the last 3-4 years. This only means that there is no relationship whatsoever with any of its striking members.

Our source further reiterates, “Neither the Producers’ Body nor the Directors’ body will talk to the people, as the strike in itself is illegal. All are free to understand the tight rope on which television has been working. Budgets have been slashed majorly and there is no money, either with the broadcasters or producers. Having said this, work will happen and nobody can stop people who are working. At Filmcity, the cops will be positioned, and nobody will allow them to get in. Rest of the places like Madh Island can be problem areas.”

We buzzed Director and Producer Rajan Shahi, but he said “I connot comment on this.”

We buzzed B.P. Singh, President of the Directors’ Association, but he did not respond to our calls and messages.

Yes, the threat of blackout is large, and the outcome of it will be clearly visible on the night of 14 August. However, the general belief among the governing bodies in the industry is that ‘work will go on’….

Let’s see how things shape up in the coming days. As always, IndianWikiMedia.com will keep you updated with the latest developments.

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