Govinda, the superstar who is known for his immense talent was recently seen on the set of The Voice India – Season 2. While everyone on the set was excited to meet the actor, Neeti Mohan, the coach on the show, was seen experiencing a fan girl moment. Clad in a saree, the soulful singer was seen enjoying herself thoroughly along with coaches Shaan, Salim and Benny. Govinda’s entry on the set saw the audience and the contestants asking for more. It was an entry befitting a hero!

Govinda obliged his eager fans with some of his legendary dance moves and it was definitely a ‘paisa wasool’ moment for the crowd. As the visually impaired Neha Bhanushali performed, Govinda was seen in rapt attention enjoying every bit of the performance. He added – “Jisse Chand Kabool Karle, woh Sitara toh Sitara ho hi jaata hai!” Furthermore, Mohd. Danish gave a brilliant performance on Soni de Nakhre which the actor relished and couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

This performance in turn got Govinda singing in his inimitable style! This evergreen actor was a pleasure to watch and his energy is unmatched… It’s definitely a proud moment to say – Aagaya Hero!