Watch out for these incredible contestants on this week’s episode of Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: Deepika Shekhawat reveals traumatic instances of being in an abusive relationship

This week on India’s longest-running adventure reality show, 3 contestants will win the hearts of celebrity leaders with their indomitable will in the auditions episode. Meet the 18-year old Haryana girl Akshita Sharma who narrates a horrific accident of her childhood, while another brave heart, Deepika Shekhawat reveals the traumatic instances of a bad relationship. Another contestant, Sakshi Sharma wishes to bring a revolution from her own city.

Akshita is a multi-tasker, she sings well, does splits with perfection and can perfectly climb the rope, despite having an imbalanced elbow because of an accident in her childhood that cracked her elbow bones completely. Her impeccable physical strength and her passion to bring the change not only for a green and clean environment but also for building shelter for the kittens is truly commendable! She urges the youth to do their bit for the environment by using bicycles and participating in cause-led marathons.

Hailing from Gurdaspur, Sakshi works with the Punjab police and comes with an undying zeal to bring a revolution in her own city. She wishes to work proactively towards the betterment of the girls of Gurdaspur and that they can get all the facilities easily, compared to others. Jaipur girl Deepika reveals her tormenting past of being in an abusive relationship. However, that in no way crushed her hopes! She narrates how the experiences of her past have helped her grow to become a strong woman and a figure of inspiration to all the girls out there.

Bringing on more smiles in the episodes, watch out for the celebrity leaders putting on their dancing shoes and shaking a leg with some smashing Bhangra moves!

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