The episode of Roadies Revolution starts with Roadies getting a message from Rannvijay that they have to get ready and come to their task location.

Rannvijay then welcomes everyone on the task location and says that they will be having their next vote out. Everyone gets shocked. Rannvijay then says that Roadies will have to perform a task, and then they will have their vote out. Rannvijay then says that the 2 gang leaders have to make one alliance and then from the winning team 3 Roadies will get immune. From the losing team, 1 Roadie will be eliminated.

Rannvijay then asks the gang leaders to make their alliance. Neha Dhupia makes a deal with Prince and pairs up with Prince. Nikhil pairs with Varun.

Rannvijay then introduces the task, and its name is “Dum Lagake Charades”.

Rannvijay then explains the task to all the Roadies.

Rannvijay then says that Neha and Prince’s team will go 1st and then Varun and Nikhil’s team will go 2nd.

The task starts. Akash had to pick up the iron balls and do his task well.

Prince then tries to tell the movie name, but Aman couldn’t guess the movies. Neha then says that they will take the penalty and they had to guess the other movies.

The 2nd task starts. Jayant manages to do his part well.

He breaks all the boxes with the iron ball and gets the movie code.

Shreya then acts, and Varun has to guess the movie. Varun guesses 2movies right and guesses the 3rd movie wrong.

Hamid then breaks all the codes.

Nikhil opens the lock and their task gets stopped.

Rannvijay then reveals the scores. Neha and Prince’s team completed the task in 14minutes 9 seconds, and Varun and Nikhil’s team completed their task in 9minutes 43 seconds.

Varun and Nikhil win the task and gets to immune 3 members from their team.

Rannvijay then asks Prince and Neha to mutually decide whom they want to send home in the vote out.

Prince then says that he wants to vote out Aman as he did not perform well. Neha worries that she has to send home a member of her team.
Later, Prince and Neha mutually decide that they will vote out Aman.