The episode of Roadies Revolution starts with Varun and Nikhil going to their teams and explaining to them to stick with their team.
After some time, the Roadies gets a message that they have to get ready for their next task.

Roadies get ready for their next task and come to the task location.
Ranvijay welcomes everyone and says that the winning team got three immunities and has five Roadies in the team. Ranvijay also says that the three immune Roadies will play a task and the winner will directly go to the finals.

Ranvijay then asks Varun and Nikhil to select three Roadies and give them immunity. Varun says that he will give his immunity to Jayant and Nikhil gives his immunity to Michael.
Ranvijay says that if Varun and Nikhil cannot decide the third Roadie, then Prince and Neha will decide.

Hamid then pitches to Prince and Neha to give the immunity. Prince says that their immunity goes to Hamid.
Ranvijay says that Michael, Hamid, and Jayant will get to play with a gang leader.

Michael goes with Nikhil, Hamid goes with Prince and Jayant goes with Varun.
Ranvijay then explains the task to them and how they have to perform it.

The task starts, Varun and Jayant go ahead followed by Hamid and Prince.
Hamid tries his best and covers up the distance and goes ahead of Jayant.

Michael also tries his best and catches up with Hamid.
Hamid then wins the task with the help of Prince. Hamid is the 1st finalist of Roadies Revolution.

The next day, Ranvijay asks the Roadies to get ready and come to the task location for the last vote out.
All the Roadies come for their last vote out.

Ranvijay comes to them and says that Hamid is the finalist, Jayant and Michael are semi-finalists and from the rest five Roadies, two Roadies will be voted out.
Ranvijay says that the Roadies will put their vote and the person who will be voted out, will decide that two people vote out.

After the vote out, Ranvijay reveals the votes, and Shreya gets the maximum votes.
Ranvijay then asks Shreya whom she wants to see going home. Shreya says that she will go with Zabi.