The episode of Roadies Revolution starts with Roadies receiving a message that yesterday some people were against each other, but today they are in one team. Ranvijay asks them to get ready for their next task and meet him at the task location.

Everyone gathers at the task location. Ranvijay welcomes them and says that this is their “envy gong wrong task”.
Ranvijay says that he has a surprise for everyone. From behind Prince Narula enters. Everyone gets happy to see Prince back. Ranvijay then quickly gives Prince the update of what all is happening.

Ranvijay then says that in today’s task, the winning team will get immunity and also win a star. The team which comes second, will see one of its contestants getting immunity. And the rest of the two teams will be unsafe.

In the task, Ranvijay will ask questions to the Roadies, and they have to write the answer. Then team leaders have to ring the bell. The leader who rings the bell first will get to choose the Roadie who will answer for his team.

After the task, Nikhil’s team wins the task and gets immunity. Also, Nikhil wins a star. Team Neha stands 2nd, and from her team one person gets immunity.
Team Varun and Team Prince lose the task.

Later, Everyone gathers for their vote out session.
Team Nikhil is immune. And Neha gets to save one person from her team.
Neha gives the Immunity to Poonam.

Ranvijay says that vote out will be done among four Roadies and from them, two Roadies will not continue their journey ahead.
Ranvijay says that those who have immunity will choose the four Roadies who will fight in the vote out.
Everyone gets a chance to pitch for themselves and their team.

Ranvijay asks Michael, Hamid, Poonam and Shreya to select one person for the next vote out.
Jayant, Apoorva, Nisha and Akash get selected and got the vote out. After the voting, Ranvijay reveals the votes.

Nisha gets 6 votes
Apoorva gets 5 votes
Akash gets 5 votes
Jayant gets O votes against him.

Nisha has to leave the Roadies. It is a tie between Akash and Apoorva.
Ranvijay says that both Roadies are from Prince’s team, so Prince gets a chance to give his one star and then he can choose who should leave from Apoorva and Akash.

Prince says that he will use a star and save Akash, which means Apoorva has to leave the journey.